Assistant House Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) was recently awarded the “Susan L. Hamo Friend of the Industry Award” by the Ohio Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus (OACVB) in recognition of her understanding of the societal, cultural and economic impact that tourism has on the state of Ohio, as well as her contributions to helping the tourism industry prosper.

Rep. Grossman was selected because she has worked tirelessly to ensure a viable and continuous funding model to display Ohio’s attributes not only for travel and leisure, but also for business and living.

“This award has a significant place in my heart because I feel it’s very important to keep Ohio an attractive place to visit for those both inside and outside the state,” Representative Grossman said. “Bringing more tourists to our state helps to boost local economies while earning our state a good reputation. I thank the association for its support.”

Representative Grossman received the award Thursday, November 15th at Pinnacle Country Club in Grove City. The Ohio Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus is an organization representing more than 60 CVBs throughout the state with educational, networking, public relations/cooperative advertising and legislative efforts.


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