One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had being in the State Legislature is having the ability to learn from the people around me. Everyone brings their own unique backgrounds and experiences to Columbus, which helps us thoroughly debate and discuss legislation from every angle. This also holds true in the district, as people in Clark County often share with me their ideas on how to strengthen our economy and create jobs.

To help us evaluate the current state of manufacturing in particular, as well as make the industry more competitive in the future, the Ohio House created the 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force. The task force, made up of legislators from both parties, has held hearings at different manufacturing companies around the state where both legislators and the public can share their ideas and discuss the state of the manufacturing industry in Ohio. Among other things, the task force hopes to identify the resources, impediments and future challenges that impact the industry.

Manufacturing plays a major role in our state’s economy. In order to help manufacturing grow and prosper in the decades ahead, the task force’s work is extremely valuable. On October 11th, the task force is coming to Pentaflex in Springfield, the company my family has operated for 40 years.

Pentaflex is a contract manufacturer of axels and brakes that require stamping and assembled components. The company does a lot of work for the trucking, agriculture and solar industries.

I truly believe my background in manufacturing has helped me perform my duties as a state legislator. Like other people who have worked in both the private and public sectors, I have directly seen the effects that government has on business, both the challenges it presents, but also how the two can interact in a positive way to encourage growth and job creation.

The 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force is a valuable asset because it stimulates the conversation between government and business. I am looking forward to the hearing at Pentaflex on October 11th. I know it will provide a lot of great insight that can be used to make Ohio’s manufacturing industry even stronger.


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