State Representative Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) today announced that the Ohio Department of Transportation is moving forward with its 270/23 major interchange improvement project in Franklin County, 14 years ahead of the most recent TRAC schedule and one year faster than projected before ODOT announced its major funding delay.

Two new express lanes are being constructed on US Route 23 from I-270 to northern Franklin County. The lanes will go under the existing Route 23 and reemerge just north of Flint Road. That will allow the lanes to bypass traffic lights, reduce congestion and improve motorist safety. The announcement was welcome news to thousands of nearby commuters.

“This has become known as ‘The Trench’,” said Rep. Duffey. “But I could just as easily call it ‘The Wrench’, because it’s going to help fix this dangerous interchange. After working on this tirelessly in my first term, to say that I’m elated would be a vast understatement.”

“At long last, those of us who drive through this area of 270 will see some relief from accidents and traffic jams,” said Rep. Duffey. “Gov. Kasich and ODOT deserve kudos for saving more than $400 million in reduced expenses at ODOT, helping to allow this project to finally get started. They got the job done. They really did.”

The reconstruction is one of five major projects announced. Initially delayed for many years, some for decades, this transportation crisis was the result of a $1.6 billion funding gap created by previous administrations in Ohio.

These projects have now have received the green light due to agency innovation, continued savings from workforce and fleet reductions, an increase in federal redistribution money and a reduction in certain construction project costs.


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