If you have been actively looking for a job recently, you may have heard of the website OhioMeansJobs.com. If not, then I encourage you to check it out. The site is a great resource for employers and jobseekers alike to find what they are looking for in the jobs market.

This service has been introduced in other states as well, the Ohio version has existed for a couple years. It is becoming especially relevant now that the state is seeing growth in its economy.

Now, we are even seeing the problem of jobs not being filled, primarily for a couple of reasons. First, the training required by the job does not always match what jobseekers have been trained to do. But secondly, some people do not always know that a job is available. This website hopes to eliminate that.

When I talk to people throughout the district who have been hit by the struggling economy during the past few years, they make it clear that they want to get back to work. Therefore, I wanted to call attention to this website to inform people in the district of another tool they can use in their job hunt.

Accessible by computer or handheld electronic device, Ohio Means Jobs allows people looking for work to submit a resume to the site and to specify what types of jobs they are looking for. Searches can be narrowed based on location, driving distance and key words. Seemingly the only thing the site does not do is comb your hair and iron your shirt before the interview.

Employers can post available positions online and search through thousands of potential resumes before choosing viable applicants. Ohio Means Jobs is basically a one-stop shop for anyone either looking for a job or hiring new workers.

As Ohio’s economy continues to rebound, I expect this site to become increasingly beneficial.


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