In response to the Obama for America lawsuit, State Representative Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) released the following statement:

“It is a sad day for Ohioans who now bear witness to one of the most untruthful and partisan attacks on our state’s election law by President Obama’s reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee. House Bill 224, which guarantees military voting access, was passed unanimously by both the Ohio House and Senate – it had unanimous Democrat and Republican support.

“House Bill 224, which I jointly-sponsored with Democrat Michael Stinziano (25th District) after my vote while serving in Iraq was never counted, was modeled after recommendations by the Federal Voting Assistance Program on behalf of the Secretary of Defense.

“There is unprecedented access to the ballot box today due to the efforts by Republicans in recent general assemblies. Concluding early voting on the Friday prior to Election Day addresses the logistical issues faced by the county boards of election in being able to process early ballots while preparing for voters who choose to vote on Election Day. Ohioans have many opportunities to vote by mail and in person in the weeks leading up to Election Day. In fact, Secretary of State Husted will be sending out two absentee ballot request mailings to all registered voters in our state to enable them to vote without leaving their house.

“This lawsuit is nothing more than a partisan maneuver on behalf of the Obama campaign and the DNC to create confusion for Ohio voters. This lawsuit is a continuation of the Obama campaign’s attempt to undermine our state’s responsibility to ensure fair elections, which began with their support of the House Bill 194 referendum. HB 194 contained common sense reforms to ensure the integrity of Ohio’s elections, and HB 224 is sound policy that protects the rights of military voters who are serving overseas and makes sure elections officials are prepared for Election Day."


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