President Obama spit in the face of all hardworking Americans last week by diminishing the importance of small business owners. He expressed that their owning a business is not a result of hard work and sacrifice, but rather that the credit belongs to someone else. Throughout his presidency, he has made it abundantly clear that he despises individual success and has great disdain towards those who make this country work.

It was not altogether surprising to hear the president say these things. He has been preaching this philosophy ever since taking office. But his remarks last week may have been the clearest example of the absolute disrespect he has for society’s achievers. While his words were directed particularly to entrepreneurs, he was really taking a shot at anyone who has achieved anything on their own.

I am privileged to have grown up in a small business family. As a small business owner, I know first-hand the great risks and endless hours of work we small business owners put in to build what we hope to be a profitable enterprise. In my case, I put my home up as collateral to borrow money to start, and then grow, the business.

I have always been thankful to live in a nation where risk, hard work and innovation are rewarded and respected. It is clear the president does not understand that the greatness of America is in its people.

President Obama tries to paint all business owners as wealthy rich guys who should be expected to give back. What he does not point out is that businesses already do give back to the public by producing and selling products that benefit our lives at competitive prices.

Small businesses also do a lot to support local communities by way of charity. They support local Boy Scout chapters, Kiwanis clubs, little league teams, schools, churches and many others. Yet, the president paints them as greedy thieves who have been successful only by cheating others.

President Obama wants to construct a society in which, not only does no individual receive the credit for his or her accomplishments, but also one void of all personal responsibility. It is an effort to make citizens believe that everything that is good about this country was made possible only through the brilliance and kindness of government.

His message of supposedly bringing people together continues to drive us further apart. Small businesses are the backbone of America and Ohio and have done far more to lift the impoverished than any government program could ever hope to.


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