State Representative Margy Conditt (R-Liberty Township) encourages all residents of Butler County to take advantage of the Ohio General Tax Amnesty Program before its end this Friday, June 15th.

“Many of my constituents may be eligible get themselves back on track with their finances at the lowest possible cost through this program. The Ohio General Tax Amnesty Program allows Ohio’s delinquent taxpayers to pay off their back taxes without the costly penalties and with only half of the regular interest charge,” Representative Conditt said.

The Ohio Department of Taxation states that the following taxes owed any time prior to May 1, 2011 are eligible for the amnesty program.

- Individual Income
- Individual School District Income
- Commercial Activity Tax
- Sales and Seller’s Use (excludes Consumer’s Use Tax)
- Employer Withholding
- School District Employer Withholding
- Corporation Franchise
- Pass-Through Entity
- Estate
- Gross Receipts of a Natural Gas Company or a Combined Electric and Gas Company
- Motor Fuel
- Cigarette or Other Tobacco Products
- Dealers in Intangibles.

For questions about the program or eligibility, please visit or contact Rep. Conditt’s office at


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