The Ohio House of Representatives today concurred on Senate changes to House Bill 262, legislation that makes changes to the law regarding a minor who is a victim of human trafficking.

Regarding the passage of this legislation by the Ohio legislature, Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) has released the following statement:

“House Bill 262 will help the state of Ohio turn a corner in how we deal with human trafficking in Ohio and the manner in which we treat the victims of this crime. This legislation will provide services such as mental health therapy to the victims rather than incarceration and offer other critical resources that will help eradicate human trafficking, which has become a rampant problem in our state. I’m pleased that the Ohio House and Ohio Senate came together to pass this important bill that will help keep young women safe and give them more outlets for escape and reintegration into society.”

House Bill 262 passed with unanimous support in the House and Senate.


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