Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) today announced the creation of the Ohio House’s 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force, which is designed to facilitate discussion and interaction between Ohio’s manufacturing community, public policy makers and interested parties regarding the state of manufacturing in Ohio and what can be done to improve Ohio’s manufacturing competitiveness in the 21st century.

State Representative Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) has been selected to serve as chairman of this task force, which will be comprised of a total of nine members of the Ohio House—five from the majority caucus and four from the minority caucus.

On the creation of the 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force and the appointment of Representative Schuring as chairman, Speaker Batchelder released the following statement:

“Following Representative Lynn Slaby’s departure from the House, we needed a chairman for the Criminal Justice Committee who had a long track record of service to the state of Ohio and who would continue the committee’s good work. Naturally, we turned to Representative Schuring, who has done an exceptional job as chairman of the committee and guiding the passage of vital legislation, including House Bill 524, the collateral sanctions bill. His work and dedication put us in the position to pass the Senate version, Senate Bill 337, this week.

“As we move into the summer months and the committee’s work concludes, I have asked Rep. Schuring to step down from this role and instead take on a new role that is of the utmost importance to continuing Ohio’s economic recovery. His leadership role with the 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force will be vital to getting Ohioans back to work and promoting one of our top industries.”

The task force will conduct five public hearings throughout the state on the following topics:
• Identifying resources to assist manufacturing
• Identifying impediments that curtail manufacturing
• Identifying future challenges to manufacturing
• Identifying the unique characteristics of each section of the state that could facilitate new manufacturing opportunities
• Identifying ways for manufacturing to partner with higher education research and development • Identifying trends in manufacturing and specific ways to address those trends
• Any general manufacturing issues that are brought before the task force

The task force will make recommendations to the speaker of the House no later than December 31, 2012.


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