One of my favorite moments from being a school board president was having the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony of so many students from year to year. For me, that was what it was all about—getting these young people to the point where they have attained knowledge in preparation for life as adults. It was also a great way to honor all of the hard work they had put in throughout the years.

We have now reached that time of the year when more high school seniors have graduated, while others have received bachelors or other higher-education degrees from universities, community colleges, and technical schools. Although earning a degree is an occasion that deserves much celebration, I also recognize that it can bring unwanted anxiety to these graduates who are wondering what their next step in life should be.

There’s no doubt that times are tough. Like many, I have been in the situation of having to work a job after high school while working toward my college degree. This is a challenge that I understand, but I’m also confident that everyone can meet their career goals.
A great deal of the work I do at the Statehouse is for people just like the recent graduates. The Ohio House has dealt with legislation that specifically applies to education at the local and higher education levels. We have also passed provisions that are geared toward keeping more of Ohio’s graduates inside our state’s borders so that they can apply their education and actively contribute to our economy.

The best thing that the Ohio House has done for recent graduates is adopting legislation that will help to create jobs. We have done this in a variety of ways, including the passage of JobsOhio, which allows our state to more easily cater to the needs of business, enabling them to grow and create jobs.

We’ve also worked on items such as the Common Sense Initiative Office, so that we can ensure Ohio’s small businesses are not needlessly being slowed down. A business that can function to its maximum proficiency is going to be all the more successful, which in the long-run allows for expansion.

The creation of jobs requires that business and industry can function well. To help them do that, it’s important that our state does everything it can to promote economic growth. At the same time, backing initiatives that will help improve the education of our students is important, because education is the cornerstone of a functioning society.

At the end of the day, providing Ohio students with the tools they need is the most important objective. Students who thrive and learn a great deal are not only better prepared for their future educational endeavors, but also more likely to reach their career goals.

By starting small and locally, we are truly shaping the future of Ohio. Our students can be prosperous, have great careers, and provide for their future families.

I wish the best of luck to all the recent graduates from the 99th House District. If I can be of any assistance to you or other young people, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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