A bill banning texting while driving and instituting a total electronic ban device for novice drivers was sent to Governor Kasich for his signature today.

House Bill 99, sponsored by Representative Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont), was passed after the Ohio House of Representatives agreed to changes made by the Ohio Senate. Damschroder introduced the bill last year after working with students at Vanguard School in Fremont.

“After a lot of hard work of lot of people, HB 99 is poised to become law once the Governor signs the bill,” Damschroder stated. “Ohio is on the way to becoming the 38th state to make the dangerous practice of texting while driving illegal.”

Additionally, the bill specifies a complete electronic device ban for drivers under the age of 18. The change was made during the committee process in the Senate.

“It is often our youngest drivers who are most vulnerable to accidents,” Damschroder continued. “By removing these distractions, HB 99 will save lives on our roadways in the state.”

During the committee process, the bill was supported by the AAA, National Safety Council, and various school groups and law enforcement officials.

“Most importantly, we heard from family members of individuals who had lost their lives due to distracted drivers,” Damschroder said. “HB 99 is a much-needed step in the right direction to prevent further tragedies from happening.”


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