Today, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 339, which creates seven new special license plates in the state, five of which are available to the general public.

“I think this bill pays tribute to Ohio’s spirit and heritage,” House Speaker William G. Batchelder said. “These license plates showcase our state’s great history, as well as recognize the countless Ohioans who admirably served our country in uniform.”

Four of the plates require payment of a contribution upon issuance or renewal, which will go towards the organization that is featured on the plate. All contributions toward the select four plates include a $15-$25 fee to the License Plate Contribution Fund and a $10 BMV fee.

Details of the license plates and information regarding contributions and fees are as follows:

·         Ohio Legislative Black Caucus license plates include a logo and words selected by the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Foundation. Money will be used to fund scholarships to students who attend Central State University or Wilberforce University.

·         Massillon Tiger Football Booster Club license plates are inscribed with words selected by the club and will support the football team of Washington High School of the Massillon City School District.

·         Power Squadron license plates are designed by the Mansfield Power Squadron and will help fund educational boating programs.

·         Military Sacrifice license plates are inscribed with a distinctive emblem and the words “Military Sacrifice.” It is available only to immediate family members of a person who died in combat and no contribution is required.

·         Birthplace of Superman license plates are inscribed with a phrase and logo. Only the BMV fee applies.

·         Nationwide Children’s Hospital license plates are designed by the hospital and contributions will help fund the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation.

·         Combat Action Ribbon license plates are inscribed with the words “combat action ribbon” and bear a reproduction of the ribbon. They may only be obtained by those who have been awarded the combat action ribbon.

House Bill 339 passed unanimously and will now be sent to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


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