State Representative Mike Dovilla (R–Berea) today hosted the 18th District Jobs Summit in Strongsville. Over 170 participants – including small business owners, representatives from the Fraternal Order of Police, Northern Ohio Fire Fighters, Cleveland Teachers Union, Sheet Metal Workers, Cement Masons, Pipe Fitters, local elected officials, and other interested stakeholders – gathered at the Walter F. Ehrnfelt Recreation and Senior Center.

“Each of us in this room has an important role in bringing prosperity back to our great state,” said Dovilla. “To see our economy in Ohio become strong once again, we must engage in common sense initiatives, working in concert with one another to develop real world solutions to real world problems.”

Since January 2011, the Ohio legislature has enacted numerous measures to reduce taxes and regulations, eliminate an $8 billion deficit, hold state government accountable, and strengthen public education. These actions have already resulted in the creation or retention of more than 82,000 jobs, compared to 400,000 lost jobs over the previous four year period.

“Ohioans are tired of the politics of class warfare that divide and distract from the development of sound public policy solutions,” stated Dovilla. “I was encouraged by the open dialogue on education and workforce development issues that we were able to facilitate for district residents from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. We all recognize the challenging issues confronting our great state. Only by listening to one another and working together will we be able to lead Ohio to a brighter future for all of our citizens.”

In the first year of his term, Representative Dovilla has introduced ten bills that focus on his policy priorities of creating jobs, strengthening public education, protecting senior citizens, and advocating for veterans. His legislation includes House Bill 144, which simplifies the process for small businesses to incorporate and locate important information on Ohio’s online small business portal; House Bill 258, which provides a tax credit for individuals obtaining a bachelor’s degree or attaining journeyman status in the construction and building trades; and House Bill 331, which creates the Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council to attract and retain jobs in the technology sector.


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