State Representative Al Landis (R-Dover) is pleased to announce the State Controlling Board’s release of $1 million from the Facilities Establishment Fund to Tremcar U.S.A., Inc., located in Dover. This investment will help create much-needed jobs in Tuscarawas County and drive economic activity to the region.

According to documents from the Office of Budget and Management, the funds will be used for the purchase of machinery and equipment in support of the company’s expansion project. As a result of the project and state assistance, Tremcar has committed to create 145 new, full-time jobs and retain 55 existing, not-at-risk jobs in Dover.

“Tremcar U.S.A. has been a very valuable company to Tuscarawas County and we appreciate their continued commitment to our county and our workforce,” Landis said. “Their commitment to staying in the area and expanding will not only help the local economy but will help many families find jobs. We look forward to many more years of continued growth and working with them.”

Tremcar is a family-owned manufacturer of tank trailers for the North American market. The company’s production output includes stainless steel farm pickup tank trailers, stainless steel chemical tank trailers, stainless steel food grade tank trailers, aluminum dry bulk tank trailers, aluminum petroleum truck mounts, aluminum petroleum trailers, stainless steel and aluminum crude oil/ethanol tank trailers, aluminum vacuum trailers, and hot product/asphault train trailers.

The project entails Tremcar beginning to manufacture tanker trailers that will haul petroleum, crude oil and chemicals. Tremcar will invest $1.8 million in the purchase of machinery and equipment to enable the company to provide northwestern states and western provinces with crude oil tankers for transportation.


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