Earlier this summer, Barack Obama unveiled his infamous “Life of Julia.” It was meant to be a story about all the ways a fictitious woman named Julia benefitted from government programs, but it basically just symbolized cradle-to-grave government dependence.

It did not mention any of the ways that Julia could be negatively affected by government and by our president. For example, President Obama’s energy policies have done no one any favors, including his beloved Julia.

Let’s assume that Julia is a 25-year-old woman from Napoleon and is taking classes at the University of Toledo in order to make herself more competitive in the future jobs market. Because she cannot afford to live on campus, she commutes from home every day—a total of about 80 miles each day.

The gas tank in her car holds 15 gallons and her car gets 25 miles per gallon. Therefore, she can travel roughly 375 miles between fill-ups. Her 80 miles-per-day routine adds up quickly and she is forced to fill her tank once a week.

In 2008, just before President Obama took office, the average price of gasoline was $1.84 per gallon. Therefore, Julia would have paid just $27.60 in gas per week. Today, that same gallon of gasoline costs $3.83, equaling $57.45 per week. That is a difference of nearly 30 dollars each week. Over the course of two 15-week semesters, Julia is paying 900 dollars more today than she would have under the same schedule in 2008.

President Obama has stood in the way of traditional domestic energy production. He placed moratoriums on off-shore oil drilling, blocked completion of the Keystone Pipeline and has been an enemy of coal. This has cost Americans thousands of jobs and has boosted energy prices across the board. At the same time, he has dumped billions of dollars in subsidies to wind and solar companies, many of which have gone out of business at the taxpayer’s expense.

The national debt has climbed $6 trillion under Barack Obama, and he has been a roadblock to policies that would help us get through these tough times. Even when Julia earns her degree, her prospects for getting a job are slim, and she will be staring at massive college loan debt and even higher fuel costs.

Just another day in the life of Julia.


Anonymous said...

Representative Lynn Wachtmann: I for one of the "We The People of The United States of America" want to thank You for enlightening, refreshing, & reminding Us ! The Truths may set us Free ! Yesterday I went to the theater to watch an EYE Opener documentary movie: Obama 's. America 2016" This is a Must See before the election !!! Watch this Movie ! Vote Your conscience, make it an intelligent educated vote for "OUR AMERICA" ! " I pledge my allegiance to the United States of America, one nation under God " so much is being hidden Be Aware of what the realistic outcome maybe if the wrong man is elected President 2012 ! May God help us all now ! With God All Things are Possible Ohio's State motto. I pray God will be with us through and after this Vital Election ! Sincerely, Chay. 10-16-12. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Representative Lynn for your enlightening, refreshing reminder! Ohio's State motto: With God All Things Are Possible! I pray Godcwill be with us during the election and after! Yesterday 10-15-12 I went to the theater and watched A MUST SEE EYE opener documentary "Obama's America 2016". I for one of THE "WE THE PEOPLE " Pray that the wrong man does not get elected into the Presidency 2012 !

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