State Representative Christina Hagan (R- Alliance) recently welcomed the Louisville Constitution Queen, Abigail Esposito, and her attendants, Sarah Wyss, Bethany Beaver, and Morgan Moser to the Statehouse.

The Statehouse is just one of many stops that these young women have made throughout their year as Constitution Court Royalty. In addition to their attendance at House session, they have traveled throughout the state and to Washington D.C. representing Louisville, also known as Constitution Town.

“I am proud to share my passion for public service with Abigail and her Court,” said Rep. Hagan. “I commend them on their hard work, which does not stop at the commencement of Constitution Week in Louisville, but indeed persists year-round. I believe learning about our Constitutional roots continues to benefit us as Ohioans. These fine young ladies’ work with the Constitution Court proves that quality education can take place both inside and outside the classroom. I am proud to be serving such admirable women in Stark County.”

Abigail spent this year’s Constitution Day participating in Louisville’s annual Naturalization Ceremony welcoming new citizens to her community.

“It is such an honor to have this special event in Louisville,” said Louisville Mayor Pat Fallot. “Hearing why the new citizens want to be a part of our country is a learning experience for our students.”

Louisville is the birthplace of Ohio’s annual Constitution Day, observed September 17th.


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