While the economic news at the national level remains largely disappointing, Ohio has seen its economy continue to grow and prosper. Our state can serve as an example to the rest of the country of how to turn around an ailing economy, beginning with cutting spending and taxes, as well as balancing the budget. Another major part of Ohio’s economic success during the past several months has been due to the efforts of JobsOhio.

In Stark County, JobsOhio recently has played an integral part in the growth of RMI Titanium Company. The company announced that it will create 17 new jobs, which will bring in nearly $690,000 in additional payroll.

RMI specializes in producing titanium alloys and other specialty metals, primarily manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry. The expansion of their business is another example of the impact JobsOhio has made throughout Ohio and in Stark County.

RMI was one of 77 companies that worked in coordination with JobsOhio during the second quarter (April through June) of this year. Those companies committed to creating 4,666 new jobs equaling $205 million in new payroll, including new capital investments of $863 million.

Over the past 18 months, Ohio has been a shining example of how to attract new businesses and investments. According to the JobsOhio report, Ohio has been in the top four nationwide in job creation over the past 12 months and has experienced 11 consecutive months of increased employment.

Stark County has played a major factor in turning the state’s economic engine as the county’s unemployment rate has dropped rom 10.9% at the beginning of the General Assembly to 7.3% as recent as July of this year. I know as well as anyone that the effort is not complete. More can and will be done to continue the state’s momentum.

I believe the progress our state has experienced in the past year and a half will continue if we remain committed to keeping taxes low and maintaining regulations that are fair and consistent, ensuring stability in the marketplace and restoring confidence among business owners.


Anonymous said...

Ohio is an exception to the economic conditions around the country. Unemployment is under 8%. What can the rest of the states do to have a better economic turnaround ? It is no coincidence that the business environment in Ohio has been slightly improved. Gov. John Kasich (R) of Ohio has overcome a lot of the ridiculous federal roadblocks for business and his policies are now bearing fruit. Unlike most of the rest of the nation, businesses in Ohio are able to expand and hire more employees. The rest of the country needs to see what John Kasich has done to turn things around in Ohio. Things are doing better in Ohio despite the Obama policies, not because of them. We can only point this out and hope the voters in Ohio and around the country will do what is best for the entire country and vote for Mitt Romney who wants to Kasich-like changes throughout the country.

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