Two Miami County businesses recently announced that they are expanding their workforce. West Troy Tool & Machine, Inc. is adding 35 new jobs, as well as boosting its annual payroll by nearly $437,000. Industry Products Co., located in Piqua, has announced the creation of 50 jobs and almost $1.2 million in new annual payroll.

Through their work with JobsOhio, these companies were able to secure funding that enables them to expand their operations and bring new, quality jobs to our region.

West Troy and Industry Products were two out of 77 companies that worked with JobsOhio during the second quarter (April through June) of this year to help people get back to work as our state climbs out of a difficult recession. That has resulted in the commitment to create 15,904 Ohio jobs and $205 million in new payroll.

As the United States faces the potential of having its credit rating downgraded again, Ohio has maintained a stable credit rating, and in the midst of a slow national recovery it has continued to create jobs and increase production. Businesses once again are looking at Ohio as a place to start a new business or grow an existing one.

Over the past 12 months, Ohio has ranked in the top four nationally in job creation, including being the number one job creator in the Midwest. JobsOhio’s investments have been major contributors to Ohio’s success over the past year.

Since being signed into law last year, JobsOhio has played an important role in rebuilding the state’s economy. Along with the passage of lower tax rates and fewer regulations, businesses again have confidence in Ohio. The economy is obviously weighing heavily on people’s minds. While the nation as a whole still struggles to create jobs and grow its economy, I think a lot of states can look to Ohio as a benchmark of economic recovery.


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