Searching for a job used to require hours of flipping through the classified pages in newspapers or even going door-to-door to businesses and asking if they need help. Those options are still of course available, but with the expansion of the Internet, the job-search process continues to change.

Today, Ohioans searching for jobs can log on to a new website,, and post their resumes, categorize their job searches and keep up-to-date with new job offerings. The site is a great resource for employers as well. It allows business owners to post available jobs and search through thousands of resumes.

With Ohio’s economy improving and jobs market improving, this website has come along at a great time. I wanted to share this information with you in case you—or someone you know—is looking for a job and was not aware of this helpful resource.

Besides being available online, Ohio Means Jobs can also be accessed as an app on any iPhone, iPad or Android device at no cost. Another website,, provides the same kinds of information for younger individuals who are looking to boost their first-hand work experience.

I know how difficult it has been for some people to find work during the past few years. Anything that makes the process easier for people to get back to work is a positive step towards continuing the momentum occurring in Ohio’s economy.


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