After celebrating the Fourth of July, many people shift their attention to fair season. People from all over the state visit their local county fairs, perhaps to enjoy a concert, indulge in fried food or to catch up with friends and neighbors.

For some, preparation for the fair begins long before July, however. Some individuals, including a lot of young people, put in long hours to make sure the animals, equipment or projects they are presenting at the fair are in top condition. I know it means a great deal to these young people to receive recognition for their efforts.

The fair was another great success, and I want to thank and congratulate all the participants who put in the work behind the scenes to make the fair such a wonderful family event.

I attended the Clark County Fair a couple weeks ago and had a great time meeting people from the district. Some of you I had seen before and others I met for the first time. Fairs also provide excellent opportunities for legislators to interact with their constituents and I appreciate those of you who stopped by to talk to me.

This year’s fair was dedicated to a great man who made the Clark County Fair special for so many years. George Redmond supported the Clark County Fairgrounds for more than a half-century. George worked as an electrician for the fairgrounds for 18 years—beginning in the early 70s—and helped to set up for countless entertainers, including Pat Boone, John Michael Montgomery and Reba McIntire. He and his wife, Martha, were instrumental in making the annual Clark County Fair so successful, and they never hesitated to volunteer in any way they could.

Sadly, George died just days before this year’s fair, and he will be missed by everyone who knew him—and there were a lot. It is only right that this year’s fair was dedicated to him.

Events like county fairs highlight people who are committed to serving others. The Clark County Fair would not be the success that it is without the volunteers who help put it on.


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