Ohio’s economy is on the rebound, especially in areas like manufacturing. But as a recent Columbus Dispatch article highlighted, a lot of job openings are going unfilled because the training that many workers have does not match the training required to execute these jobs. This has been a major item of focus in the legislature for several months as we look for ways to coordinate training courses in colleges, universities and technical schools to Ohio’s workforce needs.

But today, I would like to direct you to another resource that many Ohioans may not be aware of. Another reason why jobs in Ohio are not always filled could likely be due to people not knowing of the job’s availability. With businesses starting to hire again, it is imperative that all Ohioans looking for work at least have the opportunity to search for available jobs.

Recently, the job-search website OhioMeansJobs.com is being pushed in an effort to inform both employers and jobseekers of work opportunities. The website is free for anyone to use, and can also be accessed by downloading an application on your cell phone.

As anyone who has searched for a job knows, making a resume that is clear and concise is extremely important. But once that process is complete, the next step is to make sure that resume is seen by as many relevant businesses as possible. Uploading your resume onto OhioMeansJobs.com helps to spread your credentials to any business that is looking to hire. Like most job-search sites, you can categorize your searches to just your desired fields, which saves time and energy.

Furthermore, businesses also have a lot to gain by using “Ohio Means Jobs” because it immediately expands their job openings to a wider array of applicants. Business owners can browse through potentially thousands of resumes before determining the best applicants for their needs.

OhioMeansJobs.com is a great website for people looking to hire or looking for work, and I strongly encourage you to check it out and spread the word.


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