One of the things that make America so great is that our citizens come from all varieties of life. With different races, religions and beliefs, we have a unique opportunity to live among one another with peace and respect. Oftentimes we even borrow customs of another culture to make our own lives more enjoyable.

We are certainly proud to be the world’s melting pot. This is a land of freedom and opportunity, where we have a personal choice of how we live our lives. It stems from the unalienable rights spelled out in the Declaration of Independence—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our nation’s Founding Fathers were doctors, lawyers, farmers, businessmen and many other occupations. Regardless, they came together with a common vision for what America could become. As we celebrate America’s independence this week, I hope you will do so with the recognition that we are enjoying the fruits that came as result of that vision, the wars that have been fought in defense of it, and the tradition of passing our love of country on to the next generation.

Separating from Britain came with great risk, but because what the colonists had worked so hard for was being taken from them, they knew that the risk was worth it—that it required independence, no matter the consequences. Although there was no guarantee of a successful outcome, they put their fortunes, reputations and lives on the line for it.

Today, we are benefitting from the actions that were taken nearly 236 years ago. Although America is a much different place than it was then, the spirit of independence shown then lives on today as we make a future for ourselves and contribute to economic growth around us.

Barbeques, parades and fireworks shows that we take part in are meant to mark a special occasion. They serve as a reminder that we are blessed to live in a land of liberty and that we must not let it waver. To protect the God-given rights that we celebrate in America, it’s important that we contribute to society, form relationships and care for one another.

No matter how you mark Independence Day this year, I hope that you and your family will do so with the intentions of our founders in mind. More importantly, I hope that their vision will inspire you to be more active in your community. Have a safe and memorable celebration!


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