Today the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation to make changes to Ohio’s Library Law. The legislation, Senate Bill 321, simplifies the process of changing library district boundaries to eliminate the overlap of library districts that have levied a tax for the purposes of the library.

Some Ohio residents are currently being taxed for two different library systems, rather than one. SB 321 will provide a new set of tools to help public libraries operate more efficiently and meet the challenges of today’s fiscal climate. It also increases the number of municipal and county library board members from six to seven, establishes that all library board members are appointed by the legislative authority of the taxing body, and allows library board annual organizational meetings to occur in December—current law mandates that the meetings are held in January.

“Senate Bill 321 makes certain adjustments so that libraries can be better managed and operated,” said State Representative Ron Maag, chairman of the House State Government and Elections Committee. “The changes make certain that citizens do not have to needlessly pay for levies in more than one library district.”

The bill will now be sent to the governor for his signature.


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