State Representative Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville) has announced that Governor Kasich recently signed House Bill 292, which establishes a state licensure of genetic counselors in Ohio.

House Bill 292 will permit licensed genetic counselors to provide the following services: elicit and interpret medical and family histories; explain inheritance and natural history of genetic diseases; quantify the chance for occurrence or recurrence of a genetic condition; impart information regarding genetic testing options; discuss management, prevention and research opportunities related to genetic testing; serve as an advocate for patients who have received genetic testing and refer patients to support services; and assist patients in making informed decisions regarding genetic risks and genetic testing that are consistent with the patients’ religious, cultural and personal beliefs.

“It has always been a priority of mine to ensure that Ohioans receive the highest quality of health care,” said Representative Gonzales.

Previously, there were no state regulations that prevented inadequately trained individuals from providing genetic counseling and inappropriately calling themselves genetic counselors.

House Bill 292 had passed with unanimous support in the Legislature.


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