Visits winning students and their teachers at school during Teacher Appreciation Week

To kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, State Representative Mike Henne (R-Clayton) today announced the winners of his “Teacher Appreciation” essay contest, which encouraged students within the 36th Ohio House District to give advice to new teachers and relate that advice to their favorite teachers at their schools.

Representative Henne chose three winners out of more than 100 essay submissions, selecting a “most appreciated” teacher from a high school, middle school and elementary school. He visited each student contest winner and teacher during school and gave each an award.

“We all have had teachers who inspired us,” said Representative Henne. “It was fun to be able to honor some of our community’s greatest educators who have had a special effect on their students. Presenting the award was nice but the words of the students was the real prize. We should all take time to tell our teachers what they mean to us; it is not expressed nearly enough.”

 The essay contest winners, as well as their teachers, are as follows:
  • Ciara Morgan, senior at Valley View High School (essay on Brian Lemke, sophomore world history teacher at Valley View High School)
  • Candace Croft, sixth grader at Studebaker Middle School (essay on Andrea Mikusa, sixth grade English teacher at Studebaker Middle School)
  • Nickalus Satterthwaite, fourth grader at Union Elementary School (essay on Teresa Combs, individualized education program teacher at Union Elementary School)

Rep. Henne, Andrea Mikusa, Candace Croft
Rep. Henne, Teresa Combs, Nickalus Satterthwaite, Dr. Sarah Zatik, and Principal Kevin Grone

Valley View Superintendent Dr. Sherry Parr, Brian Lemke, Ciara Morgan, Rep. Henne


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