The Ohio House of Representatives today passed Senate Bill 315, which is the energy component of the mid-biennium review. The bill makes needed changes to ensure that Ohio has a comprehensive energy policy.

Specifically, the bill is aimed at making energy more affordable for Ohioans and furthering the state’s efforts toward energy independence, including the responsible management of Ohio’s expanding energy industry and a thoughtful oversight process for oil and gas exploration.

“This legislation makes important improvements to how we approach an energy sector that is increasing exponentially in Ohio,” said Representative Peter Stautberg (R-Anderson Twp.), chairman of the House Public Utilities Committee. “Because of the reasonable reforms that the bill puts in place to regulate the extraction of energy resources and benefit Ohio consumers, our citizens and businesses will have increased access to more affordable energy.”

Some of the regulatory provisions in Senate Bill 315 include increased groundwater monitoring, requiring operators to identify a source of water for fracking, encouraging road use agreements with local governments, and adjusting insurance requirements. Additionally, the bill includes well construction chemical disclosure requirements on active drilling and injection processes that will protect nearby residents.

SB 315 will now return to the Ohio Senate for a vote of concurrence..


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