State Representative Craig Newbold (1st – Columbiana) has announced that, as the chairman of the Technology in State Government Study Committee, he has released a comprehensive chairman’s report detailing the committee’s findings on how to achieve cost-savings and efficiencies through more effective use of technology.

The chairman’s report is the product of months of bipartisan hearings and subsequent analysis, relying on the testimony from Ohioans on how to use technology to improve government operation and services.

“It is important for Ohio’s government to operate as cost-effectively as possible and to utilize technology in a way that puts our business model ahead of the curve,” said Chairman Newbold. “I’m pleased that Ohioans took an interest in this effort and shared their views on how we can integrate technology to update and streamline our government structure. I hope that this report will serve as an opportunity for the Legislature to examine further potential savings for our state.”

The Technology in State Government Study Committee was commissioned to determine areas in which the State of Ohio can employ better uses of technology for the following purposes:
• To provide better services and improve responsiveness to Ohio taxpayers
• To become more efficient in daily operations
• To reduce overhead and red tape
• To collaborate with other state agencies and levels of government

The results of the hearings rendered a list of 26 recommendations for the chairman to present to the Legislature, which may serve as a catalyst for legislative action in the future. Among these recommendations are streamlining 19 separate state email systems into one email system, standardizing application tools and languages, more effective utilization of outside vendors, a greater focus on technological development in rural areas, and an emphasis on IT training and workforce development.

“I look forward to continuing the conversation about how to use technology to improve the way our state government operates, because this is an issue that will be very beneficial to our state in the long-term,” said Chairman Newbold.

Read the report here:

Chairman's Technology Report


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