The Ohio House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 375, which will allow local boards of education to sell real or personal property that exceeds $10,000 in value to private, nonprofit institutions of higher education.

Currently, Ohio law requires school districts to first offer school property to community schools. If no community school accepts the offer, the district may then either offer the property at a public auction or sell the property to a list of entities, including any political subdivision, park districts, and wholly or partially tax-supported universities and colleges. House Bill 375 adds non-profit institutions of higher education to the list.

“This bill allows our school districts more flexibility in disposing of surplus property,” said Representative Jim Butler (R- Oakwood), who sponsored the legislation. “In an era of tight budgets and increasing collaboration between entities serving the public good, I am pleased we could give our schools more options.”

House Bill 375 passed with strong bipartisan support and will now be sent to the Ohio Senate.


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