State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) today applauded the Ohio House’s unanimous passage of House Bill 405, which enhances the ability of veterans to find meaningful employment and updates the Ohio Code of Military Justice (OCMJ) to become a more effective disciplinary tool for the Ohio National Guard.

“House Bill 405 is an important effort to assist deserving veterans with finding gainful employment once their services to our country is complete,” said Rep. Rosenberger, who sponsored the bill. “Additionally, I am pleased to have worked with the Ohio Adjutant General’s Office to update the Ohio Code of Military Justice and provide the tools to appropriately penalize those who break the law.”

House Bill 405 adopts several key components, including language to:

• Extend the veterans preference on civil service exams to members in good standing of the reserve components of the organized militia.

• Expand the reemployment rights of nonteaching school employees who go on extended active military duty

• Grant an extension of time to military personnel to satisfy continuing education requirements for occupational licenses and authorize licensing agencies to grant temporary licenses to persons whose spouses are on active military duty in Ohio

• Provide additional resources to help veterans obtain employment after their service

• Limit the benefit for additional points for veterans on civil service exams to those who are “in good standing,” allowing deserving veterans to obtain jobs when they have completed their service

• Update the Ohio Code of Military Justice

• Assist with employment and job training priorities of veterans and Ohio National Guardsmen, particularly in the area of licensing requirements

• Permit the use of armories by patriotic and national organizations

House Bill 405 will now be sent to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


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