Late Wednesday night, State Representative Bill Hayes (R-Harrison Township) and State Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) announced that H.B. 191, which changes school calendars from days to hours, passed out of the Ohio House Education Committee.

This legislation redefines a district’s school year by increasing flexibility while maintaining effective instruction time. Additionally, this flexibility should give school districts more control of overhead costs.

“This bill gives flexibility to manage costs for districts,” Rep. Patmon said of HB 191. “Additionally, this bill allows schools to utilize hours on weekends should a religious or cultural affiliation chose to do so.”

“HB 191 gives schools the flexibility they need, no matter what kind of district it may be—rural, urban or suburban,” Rep. Hayes stated of the movement of the bill. “This bill gives local districts throughout Ohio the ability to set the school calendar in a way that fits their unique needs based on input from the community.”

Now through committee, House Bill 191 awaits a floor vote by the full House.


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