As Ohio continues to regain its competitive edge in the economy and job creation, businesses have been looking to locate or expand in the state. This is certainly good news for these businesses and for the citizens of Ohio because it means that jobs are returning.

I recently co-sponsored legislation that provides another tool that will help market the state to job creators and further expand our mission of business development. House Bill 436 creates the SiteOhio program, a revenue-neutral program that aids businesses looking for available sites in which to settle in the state. SiteOhio will be contained within the Ohio Department of Development and will provide updated details on certified commercial, industrial and manufacturing properties.

Ohio has a number of sites that could potentially house new or expanding businesses and companies, but without adequate marketability of these sites, many could go unnoticed. Under the SiteOhio program, a detailed portfolio of available sites will be listed on ODOD’s website.

The Ohio House has been committed from day one to making Ohio more competitive in the national jobs market and creating an environment where businesses have the potential to grow. Our state led the nation in February with more than 28,000 jobs created, better than the also impressive 25,000 jobs created in January. Therefore, it is clear that businesses are seeing the opportunity and security that Ohio offers for them to set up shop within our borders. SiteOhio establishes yet another tool that makes finding sites easier and more accessible to the people who want to bring jobs to our state.

The program will not be a burden on Ohio’s taxpayers because private businesses will pay for the services that SiteOhio offers. While attracting businesses, and thus jobs, to the state is good news for everyone, any effort that can be made to spare the taxpayers must remain a high priority. This program resembles the current “Job-Ready Site Program,” whose grant funding expires at the end of April.

Every member of the Ohio House understood the importance of continuing these services, which is showcased by the unanimous support it received on the House floor. The program is good for businesses and, most importantly, for Ohioans looking for work.


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