As customers, many of our purchasing decisions are based on conducting research about products on the market. This is especially true of large purchases, such as buying a home, car or major appliances. By comparing aspects like price, quantity and quality, we are better able to make wise investments based on our economic situation. Typically, the more information we can gather, the better we are at making a decision.

Businesses also seek as much information as possible before settling on a location to set up shop. Looking at things like property taxes, safety and the potential for customers obviously make a considerable impact on whether a business will decide move to a given location.

A bill that I recently joint-sponsored, House Bill 436, makes it easier for prospective businesses to compile the information it needs before deciding on a location. At the same time, it provides a beneficial tool to help market the state of Ohio to job creators from all over the country.

HB 436 establishes SiteOhio, a revenue-neutral program that works in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Development and will give details on certified commercial, industrial and manufacturing properties. Our state has a number of great sites on which businesses can move to, and this program helps market these locations, which can translate into new jobs for the citizens of Ohio.

I am pleased by the progress that our state has made over the past year and the early stages of 2012. Ohio led the nation with 28,300 jobs created in February and ranked highly in January as well, creating 25,000 jobs. Clearly, businesses are seeing the benefits and potential for growth in the state, and I believe that SiteOhio will add to this success. Because private businesses will be paying for this service, it will not represent a burden to local municipalities or to the hardworking taxpayers in the state.

I am proud to have been a joint-sponsor of this bill and am happy to see that it passed the House with unanimous support. The importance of getting Ohioans back to work and for encouraging business growth in the state is something that everyone can support.


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