Passes SiteOhio program to improve Ohio’s competitiveness

The Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation that aims to boost Ohio’s economic development potential and improve the state’s competitiveness through the creation of the SiteOhio certification program.

The SiteOhio program, as outlined in House Bill 436, would be created within the Department of Development to certify and market eligible commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sites and facilities. The goal of this program is to meet the site expectations for companies that are looking to locate or expand in Ohio, which will give Ohio a competitive edge in creating jobs.

“There is a necessity to continue site certification in Ohio to ensure that the state has a portfolio of sites to market to new and expanding businesses,” said Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City), who sponsored House Bill 436 with Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills). “Today’s passage of House Bill 436 shows the Ohio House’s continued commitment to job creation and economic growth in Ohio. We are thinking outside the box and we are doing what it takes to get Ohio back on track.”

“SiteOhio will serve as an important economic development tool across the state, especially for companies looking to locate or expand in Ohio,” said Representative Anielski. “Our ability to market various sites within our communities to prospective businesses is vital to our future as a state. In addition to developing a well-trained workforce and assisting the growth of our small businesses, our passage of House Bill 436 will also give us the means to attract potential companies to our borders.”

This fee-for-service program is revenue neutral and would mirror Ohio’s current Job-Ready Sites Program, which is currently in its final funding round that will terminate at the end of April. Applicants to SiteOhio will finance construction costs, any required studies and infrastructure improvements.

The SiteOhio program will be marketed through JobsOhio and the Department of Development, with the goal of attracting and incorporating companies that have not participated in the past with the Jobs-Ready Sites Program.

House Bill 436 passed unanimously and will now be sent to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


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