State Representative Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) joined with North Dakota State Senator Curtis Olafson this week to unveil provisions of House Joint Resolution 3. HJR 3, also known as the National Debt Relief Amendment (NDRA), is a resolution that would require an Article V amendments convention to prevent raising the federal debt without state approval.  Senator Olafson is the national spokesman for the NDRA.
“I am happy to have Senator Olafson in Columbus to provide members of the Ohio House with his expertise on the National Debt Relief Amendment,” Maag said. “With the skyrocketing federal debt and the inability of the federal government to control this debt, the states need to take action. The NDRA is a crucial step in keeping our nation’s fiscal house in order.”
Thirty-four states need to pass the NDRA in order for a convention to be called. The resolution currently has been introduced in a total of 22 states and was passed in both North Dakota and Louisiana this year with bipartisan support.
“With the introduction of HJR 3 in Ohio, we have continued to build momentum with our state-initiated effort invoking the rights of state legislatures to take control of the escalating national debt,” Olafson said.
Senator Olafson provided testimony in support of HJR 3 today in the House State Government and Elections Committee. The resolution will receive additional hearings in the future. 


Anonymous said...

While the feds thumb their noses at the exsisting Constitution and the Bill of Rights do you really believe the feds will magically obey the results of a Consitutional Convention or Con-Con? Why not enforce the Constitution instead of adding to it (or worse yet) changing it in the hopes that the feds will macically obey.

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