State Representative Christina M. Hagan (R-Alliance) joined members of the House and Senate for a joint session in Steubenville yesterday for the State of the State Address. Representative Hagan was honored to host two guests from Stark County: Alliance Councilwoman Julie Jakmides and Tyler Anderson, both students from the University of Mount Union. The two young leaders were the first to respond to the representative’s invitation posted on Facebook.

“It gives me great pleasure to offer such an opportunity. I thought posting the invitation on Facebook would give folks an opportunity to join the conversation, and that they did,” Hagan said. “Having an interest in the governor’s State of the State Address tells me that the younger generation is becoming more involved and looking for ways to participate and be a part of the solution to Ohio’s most pressing issues.”

The representative is working closely with state leaders on job retention and growth.

“There must be a seamless transition from high school to the future, whether it be training programs for factory work or to a university setting,” Hagan said. As you heard from Governor Kasich yesterday, this General Assembly is committed to economic stability and job creation. I am working hard to do my part for Ohio’s citizens today and for future generations that follow.”


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