State Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) recently introduced legislation to require health care entities to notify patients when their physician’s employment has been terminated by that health care entity.

Specifically, House Bill 417 will require the health care entity or physician to give notice to patients in the event that the physician will no longer be practicing in that specific entity and provide the following information: the physician’s name and any information provided by the physician that the patient may use to contact the physician, the date on which the physician ceased or will cease to practice as an employee of the health care entity, and contact information for an alternative physician employed by the health care entity.

“An ongoing issue facing the medical world is the relocation or termination of physicians without the proper notification to their patients,” said Rep. Grossman. “This leaves the patients unsure of where to turn and how to go about finding the physician that has moved. This legislation would give patients stability in the choice and the continuation of care from their current physicians without the worry of losing contact with their physician in the event of relocation or termination.”

House Bill 417 will now be assigned to a House committee.


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