CSI Ohio Eliminates Duplicative Regulation of Inflatable Rides

State Representative Mike Duffey today announced that SuperGames, a central Ohio nonprofit employer and leader in inflatable rentals, educational services and team building, would keep its headquarters in Worthington, Ohio following the elimination of duplicative state regulation impacting the company as well as recent outreach from the City of Worthington.

Rep. Duffey worked with SuperGames Director Gary Moore to address the problem after it came to the attention of Jeff Harris, economic development manager for the City of Worthington.

“The problem was when SuperGames set up inflatables at locations like university campuses, they were being charged inspection fees twice for exactly the same activity,” said Duffey. “It was hurting SuperGames and our job retention efforts in Worthington.”

To achieve this change, Rep. Duffey worked with Lt. Governor Mary Taylor’s office – CSI Ohio: The Common Sense Initiative – to eliminate duplicative regulation. Department of Agriculture regulated amusement rides as a core function, while Department of Commerce re-regulated them through the Ohio Building Code.

CSI investigated the issue and, after reviewing state law, determined that the equipment should be regulated only as amusement rides, so the Department of Agriculture will now be the sole agency overseeing inflatable amusements. The Department of Commerce will no longer regulate them.

“We appreciate the efforts of State Representative Mike Duffey,” said Gary Moore, Director of SuperGames. “By eliminating unnecessary red tape, SuperGames will be able to invest our savings in our staff, equipment and operations, and that will support job creation. We are a nonprofit employer, but we are doing our best to provide a good service and jobs at the same time.”

CSI Ohio was launched on January 10, 2011 by Gov. John R. Kasich to reform Ohio’s regulatory policies to help make Ohio a jobs and business-friendly state. CSI Ohio reviews and eliminates excessive and duplicative rules and regulations that stand in the way of job creation.


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