North Royalton resident and small business owner Greg Kelley, co-founder of Vestige Ltd., submitted testimony to the House Economic and Small Business Development Committee regarding House Bill 331, legislation Representative Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) introduced to spur job creation. H.B. 331 would bring together business, educational institutions and government to study the state’s cybersecurity operations and offer recommendations to accelerate job creation in the cybersecurity industry.

“I wish to thank Representative Dovilla for sponsoring this bill,” wrote Kelley. “House Bill 331 would go a long way towards supporting our industry by helping to set a direction for the private and public sector as they decide how best to secure their data and IT infrastructure. It would also help companies such as ours grow and by doing so, add jobs in our state.”

Founded in 2004, Vestige is a company consisting of electronic evidence experts. With offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Vestige employs 11 individuals who provide computer forensic, incident response, electronic discovery, and IT auditing services.

In response to Mr. Kelley’s testimony, Representative Dovilla stated, “It is crucial that our state remain competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent in the nation in one of the fastest growing industries.” Dovilla continued, “I am committed to working with our small business owners, union representatives, and educational institutions to ensure we create jobs in northeast Ohio. On January 26th, I will be hosting the Jobs Summit in Strongsville to identify further actions we can pursue to make Ohio more competitive and place our state back on a path to prosperity.”

House Bill 331 is one of several bills Representative Dovilla has introduced to advance his goal of making Ohio a more business-friendly state with lower taxes and fewer regulations that promotes economic development and job creation. The legislation will remain before the House Economic and Small Business Development Committee for additional hearings in the coming weeks.


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