State Representative Ross McGregor (R-Springfield) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives concurred on Senate changes to House Bill 66, which will codify a reporting mechanism for Ohio citizens and public employees to report the fraud, waste and abuse of tax dollars.

Specifically, House Bill 66 will require the Ohio Auditor of State to maintain the Ohio Fraud Reporting System for anonymously reporting fraud and compel government entities to provide information about the fraud reporting system to their employees. Under the Ohio Whistleblower Protection Act, it also protects those employees who report the misuse of public resources to the toll-free hotline, Auditor of State’s web site or through the U.S. Postal Service.

“I am pleased to see House Bill 66 head to the Governor’s desk for his signature,” said Representative McGregor. “This legislation will help Ohioans protect our valuable resources from fraud and theft, making sure taxpayers’ dollars are being used as intended.”

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, nearly half of all fraud that is detected in government agencies is reported through tips. The median amount of loss and waste that is experienced by an entity is reduced by 50 percent for organizations with an anonymous fraud hotline.

House Bill 66 passed unanimously. It will now be sent to Governor Kasich for his signature.


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