State Representative Bill Hayes (R-Harrison Twp.) today applauded the release of $60,000 to Southern Perry Incubation Center for Entrepreneurs as part of a larger effort to assist the creation and retention of private-sector jobs in Perry County.

The grant is a part of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund’s Microenterprise Business Development Program, which offers grants to eligible nonprofit organizations to assist in the development of local microenterprise businesses and create and retain long-term jobs in the private sector. Microenterprises are defined as for-profit entities with five or fewer employees, one of whom owns the business.

“My top priority is getting Ohioans back to work, and this grant is yet another example of our leadership in the area of job creation,” Hayes said.

Southern Perry Incubation Center for Entrepreneurs offers training and technical assistance through business development classes, one-on-one counseling, mentoring, incubator space, referrals, and business finance opportunities to non-bankable LMI applicants for amounts ranging from $500 to $20,000.

According to documents from the Office of Budget and Management, the organization will continue its Microenterprise Assistance Program to assist unemployed or underemployed LMI individuals who live in or plan to start their business in Perry County. It will continue to focus on the five townships of southern Perry County, which are traditionally underserved by existing economic development agencies.


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