The County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) recently presented the CEAO Legislator of the Year Award to State Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) for her outstanding contributions to the state of Ohio.

Each year, the County Engineers Association selects one representative and one senator who help the organization the most throughout the year. Through Rep. Grossman’s efforts in re-instilling wheel or axel load weight limits on vehicles that transport certain specific materials that exceed the existing gross vehicle weight limit by more than 5 percent or 7.5 percent, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the county engineers saved potentially $60 million that may have been needed for bridge maintenance and repairs.

Since 1940 the County Engineers Association of Ohio has worked to provide the highest quality transportation, drainage, surveying and land record keeping services. County engineers are responsible for the maintenance, repair and capital improvements of county highways, roads and bridges in Ohio. They are also responsible for 29,000 miles of urban and rural roadways and 25,600 bridges that are vital to the combined growth and prosperity in the state of Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rep. Grossman and Senator Thomas Patton for all your help this past year.


Pictured in photo:(l to r) Mercer County Engineer, Jim Wiechart; Fredrick Pausch, Exec. Director CEAO; Rep. Cheryl Grossman(R-Grove City); Franklin County Engineer, Dean Ringle

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