State Representative Casey Kozlowski (R-Pierpont) today announced that the Ohio Senate passed House Bill 243, with the Ohio House voting to concur on the Senate amendments to the bill shortly thereafter.

House Bill 243, which was jointly sponsored by Rep. Ron Young (R-Painesville) and originally passed from the Ohio House in June, strives to lighten burdensome, bureaucratic permit restrictions on economic development. It eliminates two restrictions on the A-3a liquor permit, which would allow more distillers to obtain the permit and thereby expand business opportunities and tourism in Ohio.

“At a time when businesses in Ohio are struggling to grow, this legislation allows for the expansion of micro-distillers and boosts tourism,” Representative Kozlowski said. “Those who visit distilleries and wineries for taste tests can purchase the products on location, and it is sure to benefit the many wineries we have in our area of the state.”

According to current law, an A-3a permit can only be obtained in counties with at least 800,000 residents and may be issued to only one micro-distiller in that county—limiting permit holders to just three counties statewide.

The legislation, which Representative Kozlowski jointly sponsored with Representative Ron Young (R-Leroy Twp.), removes the 800,000 county population requirements and allows micro-distillers to acquire this permit and begin operations as boutique producers in other areas of Ohio.

House Bill 243 now awaits the signature of Governor John Kasich.


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