State Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) today offered joint sponsor testimony before the House Criminal Justice Committee in support of House Bill 299, which is also known as Caylee’s Law.

House Bill 299 specifically requires a parent, legal guardian or custodian of a child under the age of 16 to report a missing child to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours. It would also require that a parent, legal guardian or custodian report to a law enforcement agency within one hour of discovery that a child is deceased.

Failure to follow these guidelines would result in a violation of falsification to mislead a public official, which is a fifth-degree felony.

“I felt it was my responsibility to protect the children of our state,” said Representative Anielski. “Furthermore, there was a tremendous outcry for action from my constituents who wanted to see something done to prevent a tragic situation similar to the Caylee Anthony case from happening in Ohio.”

“Our children are our most precious resources," said Rep. Mike Stinziano (D-Columbus), who sponsored the legislation with Representative Anielski. "We need to make sure that our laws protect our children and that nothing like this can ever happen in the state of Ohio. My office has heard from over 1500 of my constituents and Ohioans urging the legislature to pass a bill with teeth that provides tools to our prosecutors and protects our children. HB 299 does exactly that.”

House Bill 299 was introduced in July and has received bipartisan cosponsorship in the Ohio House.


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