State Representative Richard Adams (R-Troy) today announced that the Ohio Senate passed House Bill 302, which will eliminate the need for a new department in Miami County by consolidating the current Clerk of Courts of Miami County and the new Clerk of the Miami County Municipal Court.

The legislation is in response to the 2010 census results showing the county’s population at 102,506. According to the Ohio Revised Code, if a county equals or exceeds 100,000, the voters of that county must elect a clerk of courts for a six-year term.

House Bill 302 contains an emergency clause so it will take effect immediately once signed into law. Without the emergency clause, Miami County would be required by law to elect a municipal clerk, which could result in the taxpayers of Miami County spending $600,000 over a six-year period in salary and benefits.

“I appreciated the opportunity to work with State Senator Bill Beagle and the Miami county Commissioners in drafting House Bill 302, which will save Miami County taxpayers an estimated $600,000 over the next six years,” Rep. Adams said. “I also express appreciation to Commissioner Budd O’Brien and Judge Elizabeth Gutman for testifying before the House Judiciary and Ethics and Senate Government Oversight and Reform committees. At a time when every dollar saved is important, this bill is highly significant for the taxpayers of Miami County.”

Having passed the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate, House Bill 302 will now be sent to the governor for his signature.


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