State Representative Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) joined educator and Strongsville resident Gary McPherson at Walton Elementary School in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

“Gary graciously shared his experiences with me and provided the opportunity to glimpse, although briefly, some of the challenges our teachers face along with the positive results for which they are responsible,” said Dovilla. “As someone who has benefited greatly from K-12 education in the Berea public schools, I know it is imperative to ensure our children continue to receive the world-class education they need to make them contributing members of our society.”

Dovilla co-taught three of Mr. McPherson’s classes – general music for fourth graders as well as advanced orchestra and advanced band for sixth and seventh graders. McPherson has been a teacher for 15 years at Walton, where in addition to teaching music classes he is responsible for the school’s information technology, including 100 computers.

“The level of commitment educators like Gary have for our children is inspiring,” continued Dovilla. “Today’s classroom experience only underscores my strong belief that we must reform public education to better compensate our best teachers based on performance rather than merely longevity. These educators do their very best each day to prepare our children for a bright future; they deserve our very best with a compensation system that reflects their true value.”

Mr. McPherson reached out to Representative Dovilla earlier this year and offered this opportunity in order to demonstrate some of the challenges public educators experience each day in Ohio’s classrooms.


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