State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) has announced that the State Controlling Board approved the release of $1 million to Third Millennium Metals, LLC to accelerate commercialization of its Copper Covetics project.

Third Millennium, located in Waverly, has invented an advanced nano-composite process that significantly enhances the physical properties of primary metals without adding significant cost during manufacture. Its Copper Covetics prototype has demonstrated thermal conductivity superior to pure copper, electrical conductivity and fuse current higher than pure copper wire. The Copper Covetics have also demonstrated increased oxidation resistance.

“The funding the controlling board has allocated to Third Millennium is a sign of support to the business and the region,” said Rep. Rosenberger. “These funds will help to encourage growth and investment in the area.”

Third Millennium and its partners form an integrated team of Ohio manufacturers and universities that have been matched to develop and commercialize Copper Covetics, launching in two initial market segments: high performance conductors and electrical machines. This commercialization will generate new business opportunities across Ohio in advanced materials technology and new manufacturing facilities expansions.


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