One of the many great things about this country is that our citizens have a say in what goes on in government. Most people have lives to live and families to feed and are not able to devote all of their attention to government, so they elect candidates to make decisions on their behalf.

But occasionally, citizens are able to vote directly on specific issues and pieces of legislation. I always look forward to these kinds of elections because it allows voters to be heard and informs representatives of the opinions and interests of their constituents.

Particularly in cases in which the government passes legislation that will drastically impact our citizens, giving the people ultimate power of these kinds of changes is of vital importance. Just like the ballot initiative to place cost-containment reforms on Ohio’s collective bargaining system, Ohioans will also have a voice regarding federal health care mandates and whether we should be forced by Washington to purchase health insurance, at the risk of penalty.

I was happy to sponsor this initiative—which would have put the fate of Obamacare on the ballot for the voters to decide—and wholeheartedly supported it on the House floor, and although not a single Democrat supported giving citizens a voice on the matter, enough signatures were gathered to put the issue on the November ballot.

This will give the people a chance to express their opinions and get them directly involved in their government. Regardless of the outcome of this important issue, I am pleased that the voice of the people will ring clear on the things that matter most to them.


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