State Representatives Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) and Joe Uecker (R-Loveland) today announced that the Ohio Senate has passed House Bill 78, which will protect the lives of unborn babies after the viability of the child is confirmed.

According to the “Ohio Viable Infants Protection Act,” if a woman wants an abortion and her unborn child is 20 weeks or older, a doctor must first examine the child to determine if he or she is viable. If the child is viable, the abortion is prohibited except in the case of a medical emergency or if the woman has a serious physical health condition.

In response to the passage of House Bill 78, Reps. Roegner has released the following statement:

“Most bills can be measured in economic impact, measured in dollars; with House Bill 78, we can measure in lives. At 20 weeks, unborn babies can already hear, kick and feel pain. I was horrified when I learned that in Ohio abortion is legal up until the day a woman gives birth.”

Additionally, Rep. Uecker released the following statement on the passage of the bill:

“I am extremely pleased that we are putting a high priority not only on job creation but also on protecting Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens. When this law is signed by the governor, it will immediately save the lives of babies across the state. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to protect the rights of Ohio’s unborn. Many thanks should go to Ohio Right to Life for their hard work in bringing this legislation forward.”

House Bill 78 will now be sent to Governor Kasich for his signature.


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