State Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl (R-Mount Vernon) today announced her attendance at the ceremonial signing of House Bill 64, which bans the possession, use and sale of synthetic drugs commonly known as K2 or Spice and adds six synthetic derivatives of cathinone that have been found in bath salts to the list of Schedule I controlled hallucinogenic substances.

“I am very pleased that this bill was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor,” Ruhl said. “I appreciate the work of Senator Grendell and the Attorney General's office in adding language to include substances with substantially similar chemical makeup to the list of illegal substances. This additional language allows law enforcement another avenue to help fight to protect our citizens - especially our young people - from these dangerous chemicals.”

Under House Bill 64, penalties for the possession or trafficking of K2 or Spice will be the same as currently enforced for marijuana—a minor misdemeanor for possession and a fifth degree felony if convicted of trafficking in the vicinity of a school or juvenile.

Additionally, the bill adds six synthetic derivatives of cathinone—which have been found in bath salts—to the list of schedule 1 controlled hallucinogenic substances.

House Bill 64 received widespread bipartisan support in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate.


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