State Representatives Lynn Slaby (R-Copley) and Ron Young (R-Leroy) today joined Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine at a press conference unveiling the “Right to Cure” legislation in Ohio. This legislation aims to help Ohio’s business owners and consumers reach a quick and fair resolution when there is a dispute that reaches the court level.

The “Right to Cure” legislation strives to promote early resolutions in the litigation process by encouraging businesses and consumers to evaluate the merits of a lawsuit, encourage reasonable settlement offers as soon as a lawsuit is served, and encourage both sides to weight the sufficiency of a settlement offer early in the process.

“This legislation will be beneficial to both consumers and suppliers, because it will resolve disputes in a timely fashion,” said Representative Slaby. “It will avoid long, protracted litigation that could take years, and in the end, the consumer is better off than they would have been in the original offer.”

“This legislation is a win-win for all parties,” Representative Young said. “The consumer wins because they have the opportunity to settle the case immediately, avoid drawn-out protracted court hearings and have their demands addressed. The supplier wins because they can satisfy the customers concerns quickly and without potentially huge legal fees. This legislation is good for consumers and business. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to make it even better.”

This bill incentivizes defendants to be realistic regarding exposure and offer a meaningful resolution. It was purposely designed so that a consumer is not burdened with pre-suit notice requirements. Moreover, every cure offer must include clear and conspicuous notice as prescribed by the statute, explaining what the cure offer is and the effect of acceptance or rejection.


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